Wildflowers are crucial to the survival of our native pollinators, yet there has been a massive decline in their numbers over the last century. The loss of around 95% of our wildflower meadows is one of many reasons for this sad outcome.

A shift in gardening practices, which favours pesticide-treated, sterile garden centre plants such as pansies, means that pollinators such as bees, flies and beetles have less food to survive.

I am in love with our spectacular wildflowers and I hope you are too! Personally, I would rather see them in my garden than overly manicured roses, square hedges and worst of all - plastic artificial grass!

A wild garden requires so little care that your back will be grateful and you can sleep easy knowing you are doing your bit to help reverse habitat fragmentation - a leading cause in decline of British wildlife.

Could you see any of these wildflowers in your garden?