Kirk Mason is a Leicester born zoologist, photographer and science communicator based in Cheshire.

​Animals have been a central part of Kirk's life since he can remember. From collecting garden insects, to working with elephants in zoos - his attention is now spent on preserving the natural world through science communication and outreach. He combines his scientific background with writing, photography and videography to tell compelling stories about the natural world.


Growing up, Kirk spent hours collecting insects in his garden and observing their growth, sparking an early interest in the natural world. While he struggled academically in school, his aptitude for biological sciences shone through, leading him to pursue further education in animal care.


After college, Kirk began his career as a zookeeper, working with a wide variety of animals, including primates, reptiles, big cats, and elephants. Unfortunately, health reasons forced him to leave the profession after several years. Despite this setback, Kirk's passion for animals and the environment never wavered, and he continued to explore his interests through various avenues.


In the years that followed, Kirk pursued a foundation degree in wildlife education and media, which gave him valuable skills in communicating scientific concepts to the public. He also discovered a passion for photography, which allowed him to share the beauty and complexity of the natural world in stunning detail.


Kirk furthered his education, achieving a first class honors Zoology degree at the University of Derby. Along the way, he continued to hone his skills in science communication and photography, combining his passions to create fun and informative content for a broad audience.


Today, Kirk is a freelance photographer and science communicator. He has ran entomology workshops at schools around the country, provided around 3000 people with professional headshots and has worked overseas to promote work in Costa Rica.

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